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Our Admission Policy

Correct Age

Students entering Kindergarten must be 5 years old by October 1st. Students entering 1st Grade must be 6 years old by October 1st. If a student is not ready to enter the grade applied for, they may have to repeat the previous grade. 

Same Goals

Before we accept students, we will schedule an interview with the principal of VCA so we can see the students interest in academic and spiritual matters. It is also a time to see the attitude of the student in regards to the school in general and its rules.  

Cannot Provide For...

Unfortunately due to lack of resources, specialized staff members and mechanical abilities we are not equipped to handle those with substantial learning disabilities, severe academic problems, or rebellious attitudes toward rules and authority.

Non-Discriminatory Policy

Victory Christian Academy accepts students without regard to race, color, church affiliation, national heritage, or ethnic origin.

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