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Adult Valentine's Day Party

        Valentine's Day can be either a very romantic holiday spent with a loved one or a painfully lonely holiday spent alone. As a Church we don't want anyone to feel unloved or unwanted this year. Please come and visit us for our Valentine's Day Party. You can be single, married, or looking prospectively; it does not matter to us! We want you to have fun and enjoy life! 

Where: Victory Baptist Church


When: February 13th @ 5:30 PM


What: A fish or chicken, beautiful decor, a devotion and group games. 


Cost: $8 per person; Children are $2 per person.


Children: There will be supervision provided for your children up to 6th grade. They will be eating pizza and enjoying fellowship as you enjoy your meal. 


*If you have any other questions or you would like us to save you a seat please contact the Church.

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