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Church Cleaning Day

Just like in our personal homes, there are many places in the church that are rarely cleaned which leads to them becoming filthy. There are also a lot of maintenance work that isn't noticed on a daily basis. How can we idly sit by as God's home is falling into ruins but our homes are being built up? The Jews had this same problem. In Haggai 1:4 it says, "Is it time for you, O ye, to dwell in your cieled houses, and this house lie waste?" God's Temple was in disrepair while their homes were growing more and more beautiful. We should treat God as more important than ourselves and we show that by taking care of His house. Come and join us in a day of service to our Lord on February 23rd! 

Are you working for the Master,
Are you toiling day by day?
Are you sowing seeds of kindness,
For the reapers on the way?

Hear you not the Master calling,
For glad toilers brave and true?
Will you enter now the harvest,
For the call is unto you?

There’s a work for all, my brother,
Sheaves are falling by the way,
Go you forth into the harvest,
Enter now, without delay.

Words and Music by:  Walter and Ella Edmiaston

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