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Ready for School

Our Elementary School

We strive to build upon the foundations learned in Kindergarten  and increase the students understanding of each subject and skill they will need for middle school. The students will learn more about our society and how to become better as an individual based upon the teachings of the Bible. This is also the time where we help your child understand how to be more independent as they grow older while appreciating their parents and the need for family.

Things To Know:

  1. Our school meets Monday through Friday from 8 AM- 3 PM. 

  2. Elementary school wears uniforms everyday except Wednesday and special holiday activities.

  3. We use the A Beka Book Curriculum.

  4. Bus transportation is provided through the Rochester School Bus Service.

  5. We do have multiple grades together for elementary school. It changes based on how many students we have in each grade according to each teachers ability and class limits.

  6. We also add the 6th grade to the elementary school classes.  

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