Frequently Asked Questions


     Victory Christian Academy is an educational ministry of Victory Baptist Church for students Kindergarten through twelfth grade. 


     Victory Christian Academy is a parent-oriented institution. We realize that parenthood is a God-given responsibility, and, as such, it is our responsibility to uphold the authority, guidance, love, and discipline of the parents. In this respect, Victory Christian Academy functions as an extension of the parents by strengthening and making concrete the principles begun in the home.


​Reasons why we have a Christian School:

* To provide a Christ-centered education

* To excel in academic standards

* To develop high spiritual and moral standards

* To protect young people from the pressures of the world​

The main objectives of Victory Christian Academy are:

* To build character into the lives of the students so that they learn to do right by reflex

* To help each student come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ

* To help each student learn to apply the Bible to their daily lives

* To encourage each student to develop his God-given gifts and abilities so as to be used most effectively in service to Christ

Our Curriculum


In grades Kindergarten through sixth a traditional curriculum, called A Beka Book (developed by Pensacola Christian College), is used. The curriculum uses textbooks that stress academic achievement while including high moral and spiritual values. Positive Action for Christ is used for Bible class.


​In grades seven through twelve use A Beka Book as well. However, they do not have a traditional classroom setting. Instead they will be learning thorough the A Beka Book online streaming classes. Each student will watch videos from an actual classroom at Pensacola Christian Academy and will learn from some of the best-trained Christian school teachers. 

What does it cost?

There is a $250.00 registration fee for the elementary which includes application and materials fees. There is a cost of $450.00 for high school registration which covers application and materials fee. A $10.00 Merit Sale fee applies to all high school students. Payments are made for ten months from August through May.


Kindergarten                            $411.00/mo.

1st - 6th Grade                          $411.00/mo.

7th - 12th Grade                        $422.00/mo.


Tuition costs subject to change.  


Prices are for first child.  There is a deduction for families with more than one child in the school and for families who are members of Victory Baptist Church.

Questions People Ask About Our School:

Q: Is Kindergarten a half-day program?

A: We offer kindergarten five full days a week.


Q: What is your class size?

A: The classroom size is limited to 20 or less to maintain an adequate               individualized attention to each student.


Q: When does school start?

A: School starts in August and finishes before Memorial Day. The hours        are 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM.


Q: Do you provide bus service?

A: The State of Minnesota provides bus transportation for all students, including private school students. The busing is arranged through the Public School Transportation office.


Q: Do you have uniforms?

A: We do have uniforms that should be worn every school day except on Wednesday's due to Chapel. Any questions about our uniform can be answered by the school's office. (507-289-2966)

Q: Do students attend Chapel service?

A: Students attend chapel each Wednesday and they are required to   memorize scripture each week. Character trophies are awarded each     week to one student in each elementary class who exhibit specific       character qualities.


​Classes in the elementary are currently combined together in these classrooms: 

                          Kindergarten              1, 2 & 3         4, 5 & 6

We look forward to each grade having their own classrooms and teachers as we grow!

Address: 606 36th Ave SE Rochester MN 55904       Email:       Phone: (507) 289-2966