"Home is where the heart is." This saying could not explain our desire any better. Victory Baptist Church is home to many people from several different backgrounds, ages and races. There is no reason that this group of people should come together, except for the reason that Galatians 3:28 gives us: "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus." Our similar love and devotion for God has made this our home. 


   Our heart is to live a life that is God-honoring; one that will glorify Him and bring others to a saving knowledge of His Son. We are all united and passionate in learning His Word while looking forward to the day that we will see Him face to face. Victory Baptist Church is a very friendly church and we would love it if you came to visit!

If you missed the sermon on Sunday or simply wish to hear what is preached at our pulpit, here is a recording of a recent sermon.

06-19-2016 AM - Pastor Brandon Black
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Our Team

Pastor Brandon Black

   Pastor Brandon Black has a great passion for the ministry and the community of Rochester, MN! He has great conservative roots but with a desire to help and understand our modern Christian needs. Pastor Black, his wife Sharon, and his two daughters are a wonderful source of encouragement and Christ-like love to our church family and we look forward to seeing the great things they help us to accomplish for God. Please come and join us while we divulge deeper into the meanings of the Scriptures and how we can apply it to our life!

Assistant Pastor Daniel Mohler

   Serving since June 1st, 1985, Pastor Dan has been doing the exhausting work of two men. He is the Assistant Pastor of Victory Baptist Church and the Principal of Victory Christian Academy. He works tirelessly to give everyone in both of these facilities the guidance and care that is needed. Although He hardly has time to sit down, he has a passion to try and find ways that the church can start a new ministry. His extra efforts and increased duties in the church have earned him a great deal of respect as a servant of God. 

Sunday Morning Services

   This is a refreshing time for believers to meet together with others of like faith and enjoy the privelege of learning more about their God and His Word. It is also an enlightening time for visitors to learn about the God who created them and to see the love that God has for them through His children.

Sunday Evening Services

   "Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend." (Prov. 27:17) This is a time for believers to spend time together and draw closer to God. It is a time to encourage one another to walk closer to God and not be afraid to get back up when Satan throws you down. 

Wednesday Night Prayer Meetings

   Prayer is a powerful weapon that can alter a person's life and their future. As a church, we take a special time out of our Wednesday Night Service to divide into smaller groups for fervant prayer to God.  We pray for many areas of life including, but not limited to,: church members, the salvation of others, politics and personal requests. 

Address: 606 36th Ave SE Rochester MN 55904       Email: victorybaptistrochester@hotmail.com       Phone: (507) 289-2966