Victory Christian Academy

         In 1983 the congregation of Victory Baptist Church decided to build an addition to our auditorium for the purpose of having a Christian Private School. On Sep 6, 1983, they had their first day of school and have been serving ever since.

Supported Missions

         Through the example of our early church leaders, we believe that God blesses churches that support foreign and local missions. VBC sends out 12 missionaries and their families to various parts of the world, such as: Brazil, Albania, Argentina, Bangladesh, Kenya, Central Asiatic Countries, and Barbados. We also have missionaries that work with the Evangelistic Ministries, others who are church planters and another family who serves to minister to those in the American armed forces. We are so thankful for all that they do and we are grateful to God that we can help them spread the Gospel through easing their financial burdens. 

Victory Fellowship 50+

         Once a month the senior citizens of Victory Baptist Church come together for a meal and a time of fellowship.

Vacation Bible Time

         God commands us to go out into the world and preach the Gospel. For one week every summer Victory Baptist Church will host an enjoyable time for any child that wishes to come. There are Bible stories taught, Christian songs sung, game time, refreshments and lots of fun! Vacation Bible Time is going to be open for children who have completed Kindergarten through 6th grade. Teens and adults are also welcome to help or listen to the sermons provided during this time.

College and Career

         An individual is most likely to leave the church during the years they go to college or start their career never to return again. In hopes to keep this from happening, Pastor Dan and his wife, have taken this age group under their wing and kept the love of God flowing in their hearts. 

Shepherding Your Flock

         In today's culture it is very easy to get so wrapped up in the business of our own lives that we forget to look at the needs of those around us. This ministy's mission is to remember those in the church (or who have visited the church) and take the extra step to reach out and make them feel loved and welcomed. We cannot love the world if we don't first love our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Address: 606 36th Ave SE Rochester MN 55904       Email:       Phone: (507) 289-2966