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Youth Group

          (Ages 13-19)

The teen years are very important for your child, especially when it comes to spirituality and a deep moral conviction in God's Word. These are the years where they begin to face peer pressure, the introduction to drugs/smoking, drinking parties, sexual interest, etc... Each teen will learn through what they are see and are taught to guide them in the choices they make into adulthood. Attending a good church and meeting other believers will greatly help your teen know how to react to the circumstances around them and will show them the path God desires for them. Our youth group also desires to help teens by: 

-Having a strong friendship with other teen believers which will help them in their Christian walk

-Studying the Bible in church and guiding them to have their own devotions with God

-Learning who God truly is and what His Word actually says

-Learning how to go through the trials of life and come out victorious

-Making stronger future adults who can then go to college and, Lord willing, not leave God behind.

And of course youth group is not just for Christians. If you do not go to church and don't know much about God we would love to have you visit and hopefully want to stay. We truly believe that God loves everyone and that His way is perfect. We just want to share His love and teach His principles to a fulfilled life. 

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