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Nursery Ministries

Our church offers a friendly place for you to bring your little infants up to 3 yr olds while you listen to God's Word being preached. It is hard to leave our precious children with a total stranger so we want you to know we try to do our best to keep them safe while you are away by:


  • Only allowing church members to volunteer and receive training.

  • Taking background checks of all volunteers.

  • Giving your child and you a new ID tag each week so only you can pick up your child.

  • Not allowing anyone to be with the children except nursing mothers and volunteers. 

  • Being willing to work with parents to help your stay be pleasant for both child and mother. 

If you have any questions feel free to call the church. We want you to be comfortable and know we are here to help you grow spiritually by giving you one-on-one time with God.​

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