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Happy Kids with Books


Where Learning and Growing Up Begins

Our goal at Victory is to help your little one develop emotionally and socially through Biblical teachings. We strive to give them the best education that increases their skills and knowledge using a variety of learning methods. Our teachers love their students and do everything possible to help them succeed.


Things to know:

  1. Our Kindergarten is a full day program that meets Monday through Friday from 8 AM-3 PM. 

  2. We keep our Kindergarten size small, under 15 students, to better teach the students on an individual basis. 

  3. We do provide bus service.

  4. Students are required to wear uniforms.

  5. Our Kindergarten uses the A Beka Book Program. The curriculum uses textbooks that stress academic achievement while including high moral and spiritual values. Positive Action for Christ is used for Bible class.

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