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Why is it important?

Our Reasons for having a Christian School

To provide a Christ-centered education

It is our belief that the Bible and its message of redeeming grace is the only adequate foundation for education. We believe that the educational institution must not only provide a Christian atmosphere and classes in Bible study, but also relate all knowledge to Biblical truth.

To protect the students from the pressures of the world

It is our goal to provide a protected environment for young people during their formative years. No one is perfect, not even in a christian school, but in a place where both parents and teachers have the same goals and desires we can communicate as one to better help your child. We do not tolerate certain sins on school grounds such as: smoking, drugs, bullying, etc... If this does happen it will be addressed in a christlike manner with the goal of reconciliation.

To excel in academic standards

We offer an educational program that emphasizes the basic fundamentals of education. We believe that our children should acquire the ability to read with comprehension, spell correctly, write accurately, speak clearly, and  think judiciously.

To fulfill the scriptural command of discipleship

The "Great Commission" commands us to make disciples. It is our goal to help young people grow to Christian maturity and become followers of Christ so they can be effective in serving Him.

To develop high spiritual and moral standards

It is our desire to instill in each child a personal commitment to these. We want to reverse the trend in our country of lowering spiritual and moral standards caused by the absence of God's Word from education. The development of Christian character is our primary aim.

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