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New Life Baby Blanket Campaign

Many new or young mothers do not get the support they need from their family or friends when they find out they are pregnant. We appreciate that they want to keep their child and we desire to help them at least a little through our Baby Blanket Campaign. Our goal is to encourage new moms who have chosen life by making & donating fleece tied or sewn, quilted or crocheted baby blankets to New Life Family Services. The last day to deliver them to the church is February 16th. Any donations should be left on the table in the foyer.

What can I do? 

Volunteer to make fleece tied or sewn blankets

Donate fleece for someone else to make a blanket

Donate the monetary funds for someone else to make the blanket

Volunteer to make a second (or 3rd) blanket with the donations listed above

Host a blanket making party at your home

How to make

Buy 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 yards of fleece for each side of blanket

Google or use YouTube for instructions

Ask someone for help 

sewing blanket
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