"And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man."                                                                   ~Luke 2:52

Our Curriculum


Kindergarten - 6th Grade:

     VCA uses a traditional curriculum known as, "Abeka Book", developed and written by Pensacola Christian College. The body of textbooks stress academic achievement while including high moral and spiritual values. "Bob Jones University Press" curriculum is used for Bible class in Kindergarten while "Positive Action for Christ" is used for Bible class in 1st through 6th. Classroom size is limited to maintain an adequate student/teacher ratio which ensures exceptional individual attention for each student.

7th - 12th Grade:

     In this new school year, grades 7-12 will be using the Abeka Book online streaming classes. Each student will watch videos from an actual classroom at Pensacola Christian Academy and will learn from some of the best-trained Christian school teachers. They also take part in extra-curricular activities such as Shop class and Home-Economics.





1.) A Christ-centered education and environment.

2.) Communication of a Bible-based worldview and a high view of Scripture.

3.) Core belief that each child is cherished by the God that intentionally created them and their world.

4.) Strong emphasis on excellence in academics through traditional education.

5.) Close, personal attention of dedicated teachers in small class setting.

6.) Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child's education.

7.) Each student is encouraged and equipped to develop themselves personally.

8.) Personal standards and self-discipline are emphasized while social pressures regarding alcohol, smoking, drugs, bullying and other peer-related pressures are vigorously minimized or eliminated.

A Commitment To


Every teacher that is in Victory Christian Academy has a heart full of compassion for children. However they don't just care for the child's physical and emotional needs; they care also about their spiritual life and where they will go when their life on earth is over. They teach the Bible without apology and without doctrinal compromise.

If you have any questions...

Feel free to get more information by contacting us or checking out our FAQ.


       Admission to Victory Christian Academy is determined by academic testing, interview of the student's interest in academic and spiritual matters, and their general attitude toward the school and its rules. It is our desire to educate as many young people as possible, but we are not equiped to handle those with substantial learning disabilities, severe academic problems, or rebellious attitudes toward rules and authority. Victory Christian Academy accepts students without regard to race, color, church affiliation, national heritage, or ethnic origin. 


        Students entering Kindergarten must be five years old by October 1st. If a student is not ready to enter the grade applied for, he may have to repeat the previous grade. 


        Before a student is admitted to VCA, both the student and their parents must sign a "VCA Standard of Conduct" form; and, parents are required to sign the "VCA Statement of Cooperation" form as well. 

Address: 606 36th Ave SE Rochester MN 55904       Email: victorybaptistrochester@hotmail.com       Phone: (507) 289-2966